• How do I register in the website?

    Click on Register

    Click Register


    Fill the information and click "Create Account".

    You will receive a confirmation email once the account is created.



  • How do I search for products?

    There are two ways of searching products

    1)Based on the product that you are looking for, You can click on the respective categories name available on the left of the home page and view the products available in the categories.

    2)You may also use the search bar located on the top of our homepage.

  • How do I make an order??





    Similarly search for other product that you wish to buy and add them to Cart. After adding all the products that you wish to buy to the Cart, Click on  ‘proceed to checkout’ tab to complete your order process 


    Check the Quantity details. If you need to edit the details, please edit them and click on "proceed to checkout"


    Filling out the Shipping, billing details and choose payment method. Then click on " Place order now" to order the items.



    Choose Payment Method


    Enter payment details and click "Submit"


    A confirmation message will pop up. You will also receive confirmation email of your order.  Next, wait for your order to be shipped and delivered to you.



  • How do I track the status of my order?

    You can track the status of your order(s) using "My Orders" feature available in your account.

    Choose " My orders" from "Welcome < your account name>" availabe on the top right corner.



    You will see  your list of orders in the account. To view detail of your order click on "View order"


    Otherwise, You can briefly see the status of all your orders

    Pending: Received order, In process of verifying payment and confirming order.

    Processing: Finished verifying payment and in process of shipping.

    Completed: Item is shipped by merchant.

    Closed: Item is received by customer.

    Cancelled: Order is cancelled.


    Alternative you can also know the status of the order

     1)     By directly contact the seller of the item either by filling up the message form  to seller or through live chat options. in the website.

    2)     You may email: and request for details.


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